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Mechanical Engineering program is a very comprehensive engineering branch that provides  education and makes research in the design, development, production planning and maintenance of  all kinds of machinery, mechanical systems and energy conversion systems .

In the period until the 21st century; no man-made machine other than the plane didn’t make the world accessible for the human. While it is obvious that airplanes are a work of engineering, the most important task falls  on mechanical engineers. The most important mission of engineers trained in this field  is the design of the engines. All kinds of quality and performance has improved significantly since the first engines designed in airplanes.

Mechanical engineers' contributions to aviation are  not only  limited to engine designs but it also covers the design, material selection and construction-building techniques of modern aircraft, which are increasingly developing today.

As advances in aircraft construction allow for longer and faster flights, each of these vehicles’ system has become much more complex and one of the most important roles in these developments belong to  machine engineers. Because of their large control surfaces, large aircraft should have forces that get ahead human ability in order to perform with  near-perfect reliability. These vehicles, and elements such as flaps, ribs, decelerating blades, ailerons, elevators, rudder and flap must have precise positioning and control systems.

In addition,  they must be equipped with retractable landing gear, fail-safe extension/retraction mechanisms, reliable and high performance brake and suspension systems. In addition to all these, heating and ventilation systems must be designed to provide a normal temperature inside , independently of variable outside weather conditions.The whole process is shaped by mechanical engineers in detail.

Mechanical Engineering department of our faculty will focus on branches about aviation besides other machinery subjects. Our students receive maths, science and engineering education in order to get application ability to mechanical engineering problems and to get  ability to design, model and analyze to  produce a machine or machine elements.With the ability to identify ,model, analyze and solve mechanical engineering problems, it is among our goals to design and conduct experiments and present them by analyzing and interpreting the results when it is necessary. Our most important goal is to raise analytical thinking engineers.



Mechanical Engineering (English)


Mechanical Engineering (English)

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Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Erol GÜLTEKİN Öğretim Üyesi İzle
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