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Our Mission

As the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, our mission is to conduct world-class education and research in cooperation with the aviation and space industry, and to train leading and sought-after Computer Engineers who can adapt to the changing world.

Our Vision

To be a leading education and research center that can train Computer Engineers with the qualifications needed by public and private sector organizations, especially in the aviation sector, and direct their resources to research.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineers are responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, testing and development of information systems, including computer hardware and software, in order to provide effective solutions to various problems in all areas of life. Turkish Aeronautical Association University, being the first specialized university in the field of aviation and space in Turkey, brings a new perspective to Computer Engineering with its distinguished faculty members. In line with technological developments, our students will continue their education in the fields directly related to aviation and space sciences, which is the specialty of our university, as well as their pioneering studies in software and hardware. During their basic education, our students can learn about basic theories of computer science, hardware and architecture, software engineering, database systems, networks and wireless communication, parallel and distributed systems, robotics, security, embedded systems, image processing, artificial intelligence and data mining. will also gain expertise.

Job Opportunities

Software experts who realize software solutions needed by companies; systems engineers who plan and install computer networks; database administrators who design and maintain large-scale data bases of companies; R&D engineers working to create new products or improve processes are among the typical job descriptions of Computer Engineering Department graduates in the industry. In addition, private defense industry organizations, public institutions, banks, universities, TUBITAK, various science institutes, military organizations such as Aselsan, Havelsan and Roketsan, telecommunication companies, automotive industry organizations and medical electronics design organizations will also be preferred by our graduates. among organizations.



Computer Engineering (English)


Computer Engineering (English)

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Name Surname Task Video
Prof. Dr. Hasan ERBAY Rektör İzle
Prof. Dr. Hasan ERBAY Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Bölüm Başkanı İzle
Dr. Şadi ŞEHAB Öğretim Üyesi İzle
Hangi Beyne Hangi Meslek Olur? İzle
3.942 Student
11.594 Graduate Student
16 Department
149 Academic Staff

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