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The aim of the department of Aviation Management at UTAA is to educate airport and airway directors having the opportunity to find a job in both Turkey and around the world. Our aim is to be an international learning and research center in the field of aviation management.

Why should Aviation Management be chosen?

Because Aviation Management is one of the most dynamic sectors in national and international area.

Why should Aviation Management in Turkish Aeronautical Association University be chosen?

The University of Turkish Aeronautical Association is the first aviation university in Turkey, and the 37th aviation university in the world. The university has been built upon the 87-year-experience of the Turkish Aeronautical Association, established in 1925 according to the directions of Atatürk. Another advantage is that the university is a substantial institution, having the most extensive sources in the field of aviation, in terms of both physical and intellectual resources. In addition, Aviation Management Program’s education language is English. Because of all these aspects, the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association is a perfect choice to study Aviation Management and other fields related to aviation.

If you choose this university, you will be prepared for the aviation sector. You will meet the leading organizations of the sector; such as DHMİ, SHGM, TAV, THY, Anadolu Jet, and Pegasus. You will take your part in this dynamic industry and start working as a student with the apprenticeship opportunities we provide for you before you graduate.

When you consider the opportunities for finding a job, how do you evaluate the Aviation Management?

Our university is the first and the only one in Turkey that offers higher education in the field of Aviation Managemen. Due to the fact that the aviation sector has become very critical in today’s developing world and where travel is becoming more common, the Aviation Management Department will be one of the top departments that the world needs in a few years’ time.

When the number of management departments is considered, the education and skills acquired in this field will enable our graduates to be ahead of the others. For this reason a student who has graduated from theAviation Management department will be a more preferable employee both as a result of his major.

Also, because the language of instruction is English, it helps the graduates of this department to find jobs not only in their countries but also abroad.




Aviation Management (English) (scholarship)

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