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Bachelor of Management Program is designed to train future managers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to outperform their competitors in any competitive environment, have leadership characteristics, and can make decisions that create value for the country and society of which they are a part. In this context, we aim to train entrepreneurial and competent graduates who have the theoretical and practical equipment required by the business world. In addition to providing our students with knowledge and skills in the basic subjects of business science such as finance, economics, accounting, organization and management, statistical techniques, marketing and strategic management; the information required by the rapidly growing aviation and logistics sectors is also provided, and our curricula are meticulously prepared, constantly questioned and developed in accordance with the dynamism of the globalizing world. Beyond providing a solid theoretical foundation, this program also aims to teach how to use knowledge by enriching it with workplace practices called integrated education in order to overcome real-life challenges they will face in uncertain environments of the future.

Job opportunities

  • All Ministries, public institutions and universities,
  • Private sector organizations,
  • International Organizations (EU, IMF, EBRD, World Bank, WTO etc.),
  • Banking and Finance Institutions,
  • Tourism and Transportation Services,
  • Consulting, auditing, accounting and financial advisory organizations.



Management (English)


Management (English)

Videos / Images

Name Surname Task Video
Prof. Dr. Hasan ERBAY Rektör İzle
Assoc. Prof. Yaşar Köse İşletme Bölüm Başkanı İzle
Doç. Dr. Yaşar KÖSE İşletme Bölüm Başkanı İzle
Hangi Beyne Hangi Meslek Olur? İzle
3.024 Student
10.622 Graduate Student
32 Department
194 Academic staff
132 Administrative Staff

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